Is there a racism problem at Sacred Heart? #ocsb #ottnews #onted #stittsville

Is Sacred Heart in Stittsville covering up and whitewashing a wide scale racism problem at their school?? In the competition for students between the 4 boards making schools not want to publicize real problems?

We were sent the following from an SHHS student. This is from about 2 years ago (?). the paper on left was racism against blacks (Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC is a “black trap”). We were told that the admin did NOTHING about this paper when told.

The pic on right is a boy in Grade 10 from 2 or 3 years ago. He may be going into Grade 12 this fall (or just graduated). The boy got a slap on the wrist for this National Socialist NAZI outfit.

Expect the usual denials or “we take this very seriously” statements from the OCSB. They Need to maximize enrollment and get $12000 per student from taxpayers. In fact, SHHS may be a majority non-Catholic as many go there instead of bus to Richmond.



sacred heart





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