The farce of “french” schools in #Ontario. #onted #onpoli #ottnews #ottcity #ottawa #toronto

Some French folks have finally had enough. 45% of kids enrolled in French schools are not even French!! Some dont speak a word of French! 4 separate boards competing for largely the same students!

French school boards in Ontario are guaranteed by Section 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which grants anglophone and francophone minority communities access to public education, where numbers warrant.

That right is limited to Canadians whose mother tongue is of their province’s linguistic minority, or who received their elementary schooling in that language. However, Ontario allows non-rights holders to register in French schools if they are approved by an admission committee.

According to Education Ministry data, 45.3 per cent of students enrolled at schools in Ontario’s French boards in 2017-18 didn’t have French as their first language.

It was 34.8 per cent in 2010-2011 and has inched up every year.


If almost 50% are not french, how can the admissions committee be implementing this guideline correctly?


There are few immigrants from french countries that come to ontario compared to quebec..

TDSB School choice lit review


Here is a high school for 800 kids in Stittsville. In order to compete, it now has a football dome. Kanata/Stittsville is only 6% French. 22% have non English/French mother tongue!



Desmarais is lower left in Stittsville. Another “French” “Catholic” high school is in Bells Corners


meanwhile, on the “french” “public side”, there is a French public high school in Kanata:


The busing costs alone to all these “French” schools is amazing! 4 separate administrations, 4 separate Directors of Education (making $250K each)






Read about Trilles des Bois, CEPEO Ottawa:

trilleg  <– PDF


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