#OCSB Budget is increasing!! What drastic cuts?? #ottnews #onted #onpoli


Click on PDF for Prelim 2019 Budget.. More info in 2 weeks

Regular Agenda June 11 2019


A few points:

Budget is UP $5M

In-classroom spending is down $336K on $393M (less than 0.1%!!!! -0.8%)

Central Board admin is UP $358K on $14.9M (2%)

Increase in Staffing, Salaries and Benefits: $4.926M

In 2 weeks, we will see how much they will spend for things like Christian Community Day ($90K for a mtg at Shaw Centre till 1pm on a Friday long weekend) and the Principals Retreat at a Gananoque Resort.

Compare this REAL budget to what they were saying a few weeks ago:


Will media report this???



Other INCREASES this yr:





Last year’s budget of $548M










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