French Immersion in #Ottawa. #ocdsb #onted #ottnews #onpoli #ottcity

Good article by Ottawa Citizen:

56% of Grade 3 kids in Ontario are French immersion. How many finish French immersion in Grade 12 once there are more course choices (gifted, science, STEM etc) to stay away from kids the parents don’t like?


Ottawa CDSB:

OCDSB shows rapid declines in enrollment in FI. In fact, only 1500 Grade 12 students write DELF (and that includes non-FI kids who are taking a regular Grade 12 French course). That is <25% of Grade 12 students. But 75% of Grade 1s are in FI.




Check out the French immersion “advantage” (ie. keeping troublesome kids out)


79% of OCDSB Grade 3 FI kids met EQAO vs 57% English stream!/vizhome/FrenchimmersionatOntarioschools/Dashboard2



More info on schooling situation:


What are the additional costs for FI (busing, greenhouse gases, staffing, etc) for so few children that turn out “bilingual” by Grade 12? Ontario is $350Billion in debt)



Meanwhile, the French Catholic CECCE pushes “sustainable biligualism” (as opposed to French immersion – a big “dig”) and is VERY open to English children enrolling.



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