More $$ to be saved at schools. #onted #onpoli . #AQRacket #2.3Billion

The $2.3Billion “Cost adjustment for Teacher Qualifications Grant” seems huge.
Teachers take 5 3week “AQ” courses and go up grid whether those courses were needed or helpful or even being used by the teacher (say in Grade 2)
many are online and are taught by the union (eg. OECTA)
Why do we need to give a raise for teachers taking a Reading AQ??  Two yrs of teachers college and they don’t know how to teach reading??
Other professions require ongoing education. Teachers receive automatic raises for taking 5 easy courses (example, 1 media, 1 dance and 1 reading). So, basically, the equivalent of one 4mo semester full time gets you a $8000 raise (and an additional $5000/yr pension for life after retirement)
Doctors are required to take CMEs just to remain in the profession.. no addtl pay. why not professional teachers? Why do we expect dentist hygienists to take annual AQ courses with no raises but not teachers?
Dentists and Dental Hygienists:


budgetzzzA2 to A3





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