Former #OECTA Prez insists on continued FREE parking for teachers. #onted #onpoli #tcdsb #tdsb #topoli #ottnews

The teachers unions go on and on about “climate emergency” and “only 12 years left” and “new green deal”.. but when it comes to promoting transit?? NOPE!

The free parking entitlement is a “de facto employment benefit” for all teachers. Not for nurses, not for other govt employees in downtown Toronto, not for any private sector employees. For federal govt employees, “government employees are required to pay market rates to park in any government-owned buildings and facilities, with the exception of employees with disabilities”

Yet, #OECTA insists that an UNWRITTEN privilege not written in their contract must be brought to the union bargaining table. BS.


Only 7% of TCDSB of teachers take TTC to work instead of driving their Vans to free $100/mo parking spots.. 30% of those who drive say it is because of “preference” or “cannot get home in case of emergency”! (ever heard of Uber?)


And James Ryan says teachers paying 40cents a day of carbon tax will solve the world’s problems!

Will the #ONDP call out the teachers for their free entitlements? Nope. What about Jag Singh and his “NO more fossil fuels”? Nope. Solidarity forever!



parking near Jarvis Collegiate:




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