Some bad school boards should be taken over for outrageous # of layoff notices! #onpoli #onted #topoli


We read about some boards laying off  up to 50% of their secondary teachers for 2019 2020!!

NNSB should be given 2 weeks to show why these were necessary given the 1% reduction in GSN (and an overall increase in the education budget). If not, the board should be suspended with a Provincial Administrator running it.

Every board who has given layoff notices to more than 15% of HS teachers should be required to justify this number publicly. within 1 month.. or else

Ontario Budget:




Truth about 2019 Edu budget. It is NOT drastic cuts:









As well, there are LOTS of layoffs that can be given to non-teaching positions: Superintendents, Managers of “Social Media”. Implementing market-rate parking for teachers (imagine giving FREE parking to teachers in downtown Toronto!! – good for the environment too!!



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