#OCSB Budget Cuts are exaggerated! #onpoli #onted #ottnews






“While the actual grant formulas have not yet been received, Finance staff have
estimated the reduction in overall grants of these announced changes to the Ottawa
Catholic School Board (OCSB) budget at $13.5 M before enrolment growth.”

Unknown if the $13.5M cut is over 1 yr or over 4 yrs as the govt said they would phase in cuts over 4 years.



In 2014/15, OCSB budget was $470M for 40000 students ($11750/student)

In 2018/19, budget was $548M for 42900 students ($12773/student, an increase of 8.7% over 4 years)

If the expected cut is $13.5M, then their $533M for 42900 is  $12470/student, an increase of 5.7% over 5 years previously)

Note: the Occasional teacher (supply teachers) budget are HUGE! This is not just for sick teachers but also for the many many days that teachers are away at conferences etc etc

Remember, this board spends $70K to rent the Shaw Centre for a PD day that ends at 1pm on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Also, $50K for a Principals retreat at resort in Gananoque. Also, hundreds of thousands of dollars for “marketing” in order to get non-Catholic students to join OCSB as opposed to OCDSB (imagine hospitals competing for patients with marketing budgets??)

Remember: Family doctors went 7 years with no raise (and some cuts). They have accepted 1%/yr over 4 years till 2023)

The following from the 2015 budget doesn’t include marketing salaries (OCDSB included it and their communications budget was >$1M)











A future post will be on all the crazy courses in HS now (mentorship? global awareness through theatre?).. and why professors are saying so many kids are functionally illiterate when they get to college and university:


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