2018 Sunshine List – School Boards and the $350 BILLION debt and $12B deficit. #onted #ocsb #ocdsb #onpoli #ottnews

Want to know why the province is $350B in debt with deficits every year over $10B

  • 23000 employees of school boards in Ontario make >$100K
  • So many of these are in non-teaching positions
    • superintendents who mainly drive around to visit schools
    • elementary school Vice Principals
    • “teacher leads” etc
    • ——————————————-
    • 587/4000 employees at OCSB make >$100K
    • FREE and guarantees parking for EVERY teacher in downtown Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London etc
    • appears that teachers who are off 100% on union business are still paid by taxpayers


Ontario Spreadsheet: Click–>     en-2018-pssd-20190327   


Top in Ontario: sun1.JPG


Ottawa Catholic School Board

OCSB 2018 Salary  spreadsheet <– Clickable


587 employees out 4000 for OCSB make > $100K. Many have 11 weeks vacation and a pension worth 70% of FINAL salary










ocdsb  spreadsheet <– Clicckable EXCEL





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