#OCSB back down allow LGBT book “Drama” . #catholic #catholicmetoo #tcdsb #ottnews #onted @archtoronto #onpoli #anticatholic #noprinciples

UPDATE: OCSB wimps out and backs down!! trying to maximize enrollment of kids whose parents hate CATHOLIC teaching! 10yo (Grade 4 and above) will be allowed free acccess to read/takeout book. Activists are now screaming that this is too tight and they want full K-8 access (“no censorship yada yada”
OCSB has removed a novel from its K-6 libraries and the CBC is having a fit.
– it is not banned for use by teachers. it is still being used in classrooms (a cartoon book in Grade 6 when they should be reading CSLewis and Tolkien!)
– it is still available in libraries in OCSB middle schools (ie to 12yos in Grade 7). How is this appropriate for young Catholic minds???
– OCSB was warned THREE years ago about this book!
– OCSB is still radical pro LGBT. Just yesterday, they had radical Kevin Welbes-Godin (google his name!) of Genderbread fame of OECTA/EGALE presenting to OCSB teachers. OCSB refused to make public his presentation to OCSB
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