Upcoming disastrous CCCB conference on Evangelization. #catholic #catholicmetoo

Things are in free-fall in the Canadian church. Ontario will soon be like Quebec with 3% attendance etc.. (see `related` links). The OECTA run schools are a disaster with 95% of kids rejecting the Faith before they even graduate (a few are recovered by CCO in Uni)

But who do the Bishops invite to a conference on Evangelization?? A Richard Rohr buddy who will talk about meditation for kids!





Read this about Tratynuk and Rohr:





A past talk by Miriam Martin:

(image: Sister Miriam Martin)Sister Miriam Martin, PBVM
Associate Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa
A New Dreaming, the Ancient Seeking: LivingReligious Life since Vatican II

Vatican II’s call for the refounding of Religious Life set in motion an adventure of large proportions for many congregations of women religious. The adventure has been bearing fruit in a variety of ways for almost fifty years. As that journey continues here in Canada numerous congregations have been responding to a further call for reframing their missions through a challenge placed before them by Thomas Berry, OP. In his words: “the time has come when the single greatest service that women religious could make to the larger destinies of the human, the Christian and the Earth community would be the recovery of our human and Christian intimacy with the spontaneities of all those wonderful participants in the universe of being.”  Thomas Berry, Women Religious: The Voice of the Earth, UISG Bulletin, #95 (Summer ’93) “Evangelization, New Challenges.”  This lecture will explore changes in religious life since Vatican II and seek to understand how some religious are responding with fidelity to the gospel in light of the New/Ancient Story.









Related links on WCCM (Freeman is a fake OSB) and Richard Rohr (CAC):









Rohr: http://www.womenofgrace.com/blog/?p=11460

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