Christafarian mass for Thornhill “#catholic” school. @archtoronto


So kids in government catholic schools go mass a few times a year. Here is a Mass in Thornhill (York region, just north of Toronto)


95% of these kids will be “Christmas and Easter” Catholics by age 16!!







One thought on “Christafarian mass for Thornhill “#catholic” school. @archtoronto”

  1. His nick-name is Fr. Big-Mouth. It would be interesting to find out just how it is that Fr. Mario manages to put on his ego-centric show without any effective action from the archdiocese. Is it because there are too few priests? Is it because Fr. Mario is just too strong of a personality? Or is it because the people in the chancery office also believe putting on a bombastic Protestant-style service is actually helpful to evangelization? It is hard to tell. We can expect there are now hundreds of gullible pew-sitters in his parish who are now proud of belonging to a “relevant” parish.

    Incidentally, this parish was once managed by a very wise and reverent priest who it seems retired years ago, and at that time it was one of the few places in the GTA 905 region where you could find a reverent Mass. Since Fr. Mario took over the place took on the atmosphere of a Protestant “mega-church.”


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