Do #Catholic parents care about the #OECTA run “catholic” system? Apparently 75% want Separate/Public merged. #onted #onpoli #tcdsb #ocsb #ottnews

Have too many parents figured out that the propaganda from OECTA and OCSTA is simply NOT true?? There is NOT a substantial difference between Public and “catholic” schools. This is proven by several Cardus studies.

Given all the watering down of the “catholic” system by OECTA, OCSTA etc, has the 3rd rail of ending the separate system disappeared?

Trustee candidate alleges Catholic board meddled in election

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board sent a letter asking for support for Catholic education
“Back in the summer, I actually [sent] a survey to Catholic school board houses … That survey went out to 6,000 houses. I got back 600 of them and between 70 and 79 per cent of Catholic school board houses who actually got the survey actually supported this idea,”
said Renaud.
Student comment:
“being a Catholic means not much anymore. I went to catholic school, andthe teachers mostly were not catholic. I had one teacher who was openly proclaiming his love for his religion, atheism. So many people call themselves catholic, but in their actions, they are more secularists/atheists. Merge them together with the Moslem mosques too.”

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