#OECTA – controlled trustees now run #HCDSB #onted @archtoronto #onpoli

OECTA was successful in ousting the pro-life trustees at HCDSB. 6 of their 9 endorsed candidates won. These trustees are now beholden to an employees’ union for the next 4 years.

With low voter turnout and high teacher/spouse turnout, OECTA now controls their employer.

The only faithful Catholic trustees are now Tim O’Brien and Helen Karabela

So, expect no prolife and other true Catholic teachings to come from the HCDSB. Students will suffer spiritually and educationally.



(Yellow = winner)

oecta trustees





Did OECTA break the law?





It is even worse in Ottawa OCSB. 60% of the seats were acclaimed. Faithful Catholics don’t even bother to run because they know OECTA will organize against them. That is how the previous Chair Elaine McMahon was elected (former teacher who lives with OECTA labour negotiator Michele Pierce)




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