Salt and Light delegate to Synod whines about his cousin. @archtoronto #tcdsb #catholicmetoo #catholic



I offer you the example of my first cousin. Like me, he was baptized, confirmed, and studied in Catholic schools. At some point, he stopped regularly practicing his faith and was married outside of the Catholic Church. When his first child was born, he returned to his parish and requested baptism. The pastor told him that his baby could not be baptized unless his marriage was convalidated. Does such a conditional welcome witness to the unconditional love of God? Does it reveal the Good Shepherd who rejoices as He raises the lost sheep onto His shoulders? Where is the delight of the woman as she finds her lost coin? Where is the compassion of the Father as He runs to embrace His prodigal son? (cf. Luke 15)


Whatever happened to the priest needing a “reasonable hope” that the child be brought up within the Catholic faith??

This Rosica-acolyte fellow whines and doesn’t bother to get the side of the priest!! His cousin probably said he had no plans to show up again until 1st communion and insulted the priest when he was told that marrying outside the Church puts him in mortal sin.





Meanwhile, the aux Bishop of MontrĂ©al told the world how atrocious the govt run “catholic” school system is in Ontario. It is has just declined since the 1980s too!
I was born in 1970, and my religious upbringing in the Catholic school system and in our parishes used a new approach to catechesis. I can say it was an abysmal failure. In many cases, it remained too academic, i.e. it just gave us pieces, and no overall picture. It also gave us no starting methodology to build the puzzle ourselves. And often, our catechists left out pieces or tried to introduce others that were foreign to the Catholic image, or refuse to turn some of them over so we could see the true image and not just a grey backside. Thank goodness I had parents well-versed in Catholic teaching, as I do not think the catechesis and Catholic education I had received at my parish and school would have been sufficient. I can see the results among my friends, many if not most of whom no longer practice or even believe.


in contrast to the whiny salt and Light kid, theses Australian students sent asn amazing letter!!

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