#HCDSB votes down Sanctity of Life motion. #ocsb #onted #prolife

It was defeated 5-4. Homosexual activist trustee Paul Marai switched sides.




OECTA will be happy. They are targetting prolife candidates and talking about right-wing American politics. Weird – I thought not paying for things like abortion, contraception and embryos being killed was a Catholic virtue.

OECTA: “Let’s take right-wing, American political ideologies out of our classrooms!” the letter reads. “Too often, the current group of trustees have pushed this agenda at the trustee table and in our schools at the expense of our students.”


With the very large number of OECTA teachers and teachers’ families voting, the HCDSB is basically controlled by the anti-Catholic OECTA union.

In Ottawa, most trustees have been acclaimed because no faithful Catholics believe they can beat OECTA endorsed candidates.

The letters written in against the Sanctity of Life motion were written at about the Grade 5 morality level. All about feelings and “tolerance” and love. They were written by teachers, high school students, and HCDSB parents (also educated by the “system”).


Bishops, priests and laity should read the letters and see the horrific state of the Ontario “catholic” school system.

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3 thoughts on “#HCDSB votes down Sanctity of Life motion. #ocsb #onted #prolife”

  1. Salve iterum CIA
    Very sad news, but, hey, this is the state of Catholic (sic) education in Ontario where the Gregory Baum school of Catholicism is default. The Modernist harpies in OECTA (Ontario Ex Catholic Teachers Association) will be delighted. Those catatonic invertebrates known as bishops will say nothing.

    Lord, deliver us from the negligence of the bishops.

    Keep up these informative posts
    Vale for now


      1. CIA
        Tough questions. Let’s recall the purpose of the Church. General purpose is to give glory to God but the immediate purpose is the salvation of souls. That purpose has been virtually lost in the Church at large. You might get it, obliquely, at a funeral. Unfortunately most funerals simply lionize the life of the decedent and the purpose of a funeral is lost. That purpose, of course, is to beg God’s mercy on the soul, of the decedent. Now traditionally the three priorities in Catholic education were: 1. Care for the soul. 2. Care for the mind. 3. Care for the body. The first priority was of course linked to that immediate purpose of the Church. This priority is to a great extent ignored. Catholic teaching ignored is, ultimately, Catholic teaching suppressed. Care for the mind and for the body fill in the gap, especially care for the body. One only has to observe the inordinate time and attention given to extracurricular activities to understand this.
        There are, in Catholic education, two FAKE schools of Catholicism. One is the social justice school. Imagine sitting at a large table where the entire panoply of Catholic faith, morals, discipline and even etiquette are spread out before you. Now imagine these items being 3 dimensional. In such a setting, matters of faith will be like sky scrapers while matters of morals and discipline will have their subordinate positions. Now the social justice activists reach in and rip out the social teaching and then arbitrarily accord it a superordinate status vis-a-vis even de fide dogmas. Now you need a vector. Leftist politics becomes this vector. You have here a radical de-contextualization of the Church’s social teaching. The Marxist influence is thick.

        The second school is harder to summarize. It is a shape shifting creedless philanthropy. “It doesn’t matter what you believe. All that matters is that you are a nice person. Our students will forget everything you teach them, but they will remember you.” So you are left with a version of McLuhan’s “The medium is the message.” As a department head of Religious Studies for 17 years I had to put up with teachers just like this. Since doctrine has been marginalized over the last 55 years we are left with illiterate students who become illiterate teachers. One’s Catholicity is simply measured by one’s niceness. This “niceness” is a secular replacement for traditional holiness and sanctity. In such a Catholicism Jesus becomes little more than an uber Mr. Rogers. Descriptive clarity on matters of faith? Forget it. Prescriptive and proscriptive clarity on matters of moral and discipline? Forget it. Presently we have a bishop in Rome who actually belongs on the OECTA professional development day circuit, being cheered on by all the barking seal Gregory Baum disciples. By the way this Pontiff supports conditional immortality, that is, the annihilation of souls not going to heaven. This means, of course, that Hell is empty which is heresy. At Vatican II the New Theology (repackaged Modernism) took control of the agenda and legenda laying the groundwork for a Catholicism that, in my judgment, cannot be reconciled with the Catholicism that brought us into the second half of the 20th century.
        Many years ago I did an internet trip to every Catholic school board in Ontario to see the mission statement for each school board and some schools as well. The explicit union of the Church’s purpose with the school’s care for the soul was completely absent. What I did find was safe politically correct drivel. On great exception was Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in New Hamburg. That private school has it’s priorities in order.
        Both these fake schools of Catholicism are overwhelmingly temporal. The preparation for eternity while we sojourn on earth not to be found.

        Now to get back to your questions. I think Catholic schools in Ontario are done for. They will slowly implode as they continue to cave in to the surrounding culture. Eventually and maybe sooner that we think, the provincial government and traditional enemies of the Catholic school system will begin to raise the call to shut down the system. The “Odium Fidei” or hatred of the faith is alive and well in the school system itself and will make the demise of the system inevitable. Now what can be done. I think that we will see an increase in home schooling and private schooling with a sound traditional catechetical and liturgical template. The mainline Catholic school system at best espouses a generic Catholicism with all the depth of a parking lot puddle. As for OECTA , as long as teaching jobs are maintained, it won’t lose much sleep when the Catholic school system goes belly up.


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