The horrible state of Catholic ethical catechesis in Ontario #ocsb #onted #catholic #catholic metoo



If you read the anti-sanctity of Life  motion comments from parents and teachers and students of the HCDSB, you can see the paucity of ANY moral teaching in Catholic parishes and so-called Catholic school in Halton.


Priests should read these comments to improve their homiletics. As for the “catholic” school system, either fix it ASAP or just close it down!

(starts around p50
comments like this:
  HCDSB Parent: Contraception and birth control are realities of our current society. Pretending they do not exist or promoting abstinence is not beneficial to our children or to the groups of individuals the targetted charities support. It is my oppinion that the school must teach our children faith in God, kindness, inclusion, forgiveness, but also promote a healthy lifestyle that is grounded in reality  
another parent:  My daughter’s response to this change: disagreement, confusion and anger. She felt it went against the church’s teaching on inclusion and pointed out it is not the HCSB’s money but the money of the donor’s. I disagree with this change in so many ways. As a female in the 2018; I support birth control (the HCSB’s benefit plan probably pays for birth control for their employee’s), I support abortion, I support stem cell research. Having worked with dying people, I support assisted death. I don’t support any entity that discriminates based on antiquated idealism, and I don’t support this change. My child is in grade 7 – she will not be going to a Catholic High School. As well she will no longer participate in fundraising activities
 A pro IVF teacher and worshipper of “science”:  HCDSB Staff member:  Jesus, a lover of all people, someone who supported the prostitutes, the taxman, the murderers, the sinners of the highest extent were welcomed to his table. He said, “Only my Father can judge.” And now we believe we have the right to dictate who is deserving of our assistance? To judge those who use our charity in a way that SAVES lives. Jesus told us to give charity without judgement. So many members of families in our community were saved by these charities. So many individuals on staff were able to START a family under a holy union because of these charities. And yet, as flawed humans, as sinners, we believe we have a right to judge them, to stop assisting the very charities that allowed people to attend our schools, staff members to have families raised with the love of Christ in their hearts. How very un-Catholic of us. The minister of Education begged that this be revoked; this is an embarrassment. Please, show mercy in your hearts, show humility, reflect the true love of Christ and overturn this nonsense. “Love your neighbour as yourself,” – science saved your neighbour; one day science may need to save you. Show the true grace of God and end this charity stipulations. Our grade seven Catholic expectations focus on “How do we develop faith and trust” and “What is community?” – is this how we answer these questions? Our Lord would be ashamed. Our grade 8 expectations say, “How do we deepen our relationships with others?” – is this how we answer this question? Our Lord would hang his head in disappointment. Think long and hard about what our faith calls of us, and cease your judgement. When you are at the gates of heaven, is this the legacy you will tell St. Peter of? “St. Peter, I banned funding to charities that saved the lives of many children, that helped their families, that helped create families for others who could not.” Think deeply. Think carefully. Think with mercy. Think with humility. 5/3/
What is so hard to understand about the following chart?

One thought on “The horrible state of Catholic ethical catechesis in Ontario #ocsb #onted #catholic #catholic metoo”

  1. Salve CIA
    I began teaching (OECTA)in the 70s. The ignorance then was staggering. What is new is the boldface and shameless public rejection of Catholic moral teaching. Of course this is underpinned by disbelief in matters of faith. These parents are clueless. They are not even bad Catholics. They are, simply, non Catholics. Their life operating system is largely the neo-pagan secularism of today’s Canada. Oh yes the Catholic school system of Ontario should close up shop. The traditional courage and conviction expected from our educators to be Confessors, is long gone.


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