#Ontario #Catholic schools will disobey govt and will teach 2015 sex to elementary kids. #onpoli #onted #sexed #tcdsb

Ontario Catholic will continue to ue new sex ed for elementary kids. They will disobey government to push forward with gender fluidity talks etc



“As for the Toronto Catholic District School Board, it won’t be turning back the clock when it comes to health and sex education.

“It is Fully Alive program we have been teaching for the past three years. Endorsed by ICE (Institute for Catholic Education) and the Bishops of Ontario,” TCDSB Trustee Maria Rizzo explained.

“We will continue to teach the 2015 curriculum with a Catholic lens. Not going back to Leave it to Beaver days.”

The Fully Alive program will be taught at both Catholic elementary and Catholic secondary all across Ontario.”

What happened to Bishop Fabbro’s statement in July saying that they had the responsibility to follow government curriculum.? Apparently, this was important in 2015 and July 2018 (in order to keep Caesar’s funding) but now the Catholic school boards find genderbread more important than this “responsibility”?





















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