A bad day for the orthodox #Catholic faith in Ottawa. #catholicmetoo

St Joe’s parish marched




Ottawa Catholic school board trustee marched



This boy Warner Schintgen (who thinks he is girl) missed the parade this yr but will speak at pro abort We Day. Thousands of OCSB students will be bussed there to listen to him




The following is “Collin”. Just graduated from St Pauls high OCSB

The deep voice is from 6mos of testosterone.

Judy Trinh (@JudyTrinhCBC) Tweeted:
Here is 18yo Collin Patrick on why he thinks kids need to be taught sexual orientation and gender diversity at a young age. It’s about fostering acceptance #FierteCapPride #OttawaPride https://t.co/V9rPpZPafa https://twitter.com/JudyTrinhCBC/status/1033813414433484801?s=17




this is her (real name is Brooke; aka “Collin”) at St Pauls talking about chest binding and hormones


This is her change from Brooke to Collin. Please pray.Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-50-36Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-50-58




Lots of parish halls host girl guides



Overall, a disastrous day for the orthodox Catholic faith. I wonder how the 600 teen boys who were homosexually assualted by homosexual priests in Penn?



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