Drive the AH/HAs from the Church! Stop the abuse! #pinkpalace #lavendermafia #catholic #catholicmetoo

The term AH/HA will be used in this post..
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“Many people still don’t (I believe most priests still don’t) understand just how evil the active homosexual or homosexual activist (AH/HA from here on out) priests and bishops are “
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In this diocese, and I assume there is something similar in most dioceses of the USA, about every five years or so the bishop sends a form to every priest asking who among their fellow priests they believe is cut out to be a bishop and why they believe that. Holiness, capability, friendliness, education, hygiene, etc., should all be weighed properly. Supposedly the bishop then reads with great care the results and, when the Papal Nuncio sends him a similar form, he has on hand a ready response and sends in the names of his very best priests. Then, when an opening arises due to a bishop dying or being transferred or whatnot, the Nuncio has at his disposal a list of the best priests of every diocese and he presents to the Pope a short list of three exceptional priests who seem best qualified for the particular diocese needing to be filled. Then the Pope prayerfully chooses one and, voila, the best priests become bishops. Unless…
What happens if there is an AH/HA bishop, nuncio or Pope (or any combination thereof)? An AH/HA will never endorse someone who is not either AH/HA or extremely timid. Period. He can never promote someone who will fight against his personally chosen sin of damnation (though, not believing in sin or damnation he would never use such words). So if a “good” priest writes down any names, the form goes in the trash, perhaps after calling to the bishop’s attention a priest or two whom he needs to squash or continue to terrorize. He will only send to the Nuncio AH/HA priests. If the Nuncio is AH/HA he likewise screens out the priests suggested by “good” bishops. Finally, if the Pope would be AH/HA, you can guess what type of priests he would insist on ordaining as bishops and which bishops he would make Cardinals so as to solidify his power and stack the deck for the next AH/HA conclave. This reproduction process starts slowly but builds steam with every new appointment every step of the way. The more AH/HA’s involved, the faster the transformation of the diocese, the Bishops’ Conference, and the worldwide Church.
I assume you all have seen pandemic and apocalyptic movies where a highly contagious disease is at first undetected or ignored until all of a sudden it becomes known and feared by everyone when it starts infecting huge numbers of people. Scientists race to control it knowing that if they cannot find a cure or at least isolate it, a time will soon come when it is so widespread and has caused so much death and destruction that it will become impossible to eradicate or even partially control. I believe we are seeing the second round of panic in this AH/HA contagion among Church clergy. The first time, the scientists (bishops) put on a public display of cleaning it up by getting rid of any really bad priests who were reported to be infected. And thanks be to God they did! Unfortunately, they were even willing to accept collateral damage and destroy some innocent priests, too, as part of their panicked reaction. They helped bring about a general calm as concrete results brought relief but they never revealed the essential information that they had “carriers” among themselves. With new allegations worldwide about favored bishops being diseased and others knowing and covering for them, we now get to the part of the movie that keeps us on the edge of our seat. Will the evil scientists be outed? Will the contagion be controlled? Or is it too late? 
If Americans don’t know, we also have HUGE problems in Canada with Lavendar Seminaries and homosexuals with teen boys (or other sexual assaults)
The ban of homosexuals in the seminaries in the priesthood  has been officially published in 1961 and several times since.
Any man who becomes a priest and ignores this rule is simply an evil man can NEVER be a good priest! We don’t care if he is chaste or not!! He disobeyed the Church!


Meanwhile AH/HAs like Father James Martin, Cardinals McCarrick, Cupich, Rosica, Wuerl, Farrell, NJ Cardinal Tobin, OECTA Ontario “catholic” teachers union, former OECTA Prez James Ryan, Father Gilles Mongeau, Fr Bryan Massingale, etc etc continue to push evil! If we don’t stop this, there will be more teen boys abused, more crises in 2040 and 2060 and….  I don’t care how celibate or chaste you claim to be!!


There must be a PURGE!

You AH/HA VIPERS have already ruined the Church in Boston, Ireland, Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, etc!! How many more children and dioceses must you destroy!!


Please read!



Lots of good articles from Rod Dreher:



We have read EVERY single page of the Penn Grand Jury report. PAINFUL! So much evil heinous sex acts and coverups! The following are a snapshot if you don’t want to read all 1300 pages!

We must stop this from happening again! STOP THE AH/HAs! This is NOT about “clericalism” or anything else!




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