Will Canadian seminaries also be investigated? #catholic

First, a good roundup of articles about the homosexual priesthood/Bishop crisis in the Church




And this junk:
Now the Boston seminary is being investigated!
I believe all Canadian seminaries should also be investigated by an external committee. Start with St Peter’s Seminary in London ON. If the Boston seminary is being investigated as a pink palace, then London should be too!
I am NOT saying the Dr Watson (see below) had any sexual relation with seminarians. REPEAT – I AM NOT!
But when the former vice-rector of a seminary runs a session like the following, it is hard not to believe that some seminarian must have seen something untoward at the seminary and was sure that this would be ignored by seminary authorities if they spoke up!



WatsonEliot-WorkshopDescriptions-OEC2017-1  PDF








The following articles show lots of smoke.. There must be a fire there.


Scott, a former priest who requests his surname not be used, found a thriving gay subculture at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ont., while studying there in the 1990s. At least 20 of his 60 classmates were gay. They indulged in bitchy gay humour, à la Will & Grace. Although seminarians are expected to be celibate, he said some had affairs with other students.

“People were out of the closet to other priests and seminarians who were gay,” said Scott, 34.

At the same time, seminary professors were prowling around checking up on you and watching out for what they called ‘particular friendships.’ They told us to be on guard that your friendships didn’t become too obsessive.”

After he was ordained, two priests took him to a gay strip club.

“I tried to stay the course, but it was difficult. It was a terrible internal struggle,” said Scott, who resigned from the priesthood in 1999, just one year after being ordained, and is now studying to become a United Church minister.


















So I stay Catholic because since I’ve been in the church I’ve seen things change. I’ve gone from being fired by a priest for being, “too involved in women’s issues,” to being hired by a parish community because of my queer identity, even though I was still actively trying to be closeted with my “roommate.”

That parish was St. Joseph’s in Ottawa, ministered to by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, an order led at the time by the Diocese of Hamilton’s current Bishop, Douglas Crosby, OMI. The Oblates grew this community with vision and continue to inspire creativity and leadership in the people who choose to call it their spiritual home.

While I was Pastoral Associate there I was inspired and encouraged to begin a parish celebration on the Friday night of Ottawa’s Pride Festival. Trans, gender diverse and queer people from across the city came to celebrate mass with their allies, including the straight-identified priest.

While I was there I co-ordinated a team of homilists, (the people who lead Gospel reflections on Sundays or “preachers” as they’re known in other traditions) that included two priests (one gay, one straight), a nun from the (dis)abled community, and a straight and married father of twins. We spoke from our own identities. It’s unheard of in most Catholic churches for priests to share the pulpit, but Bishop Gervais kindly turned his head, allowing for this unorthodox and life-giving arrangement.




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