How is the rot in Hamilton Diocese affecting ICE Sex Ed?

 Lifesite has done a good job exposing some of the rot at WCDSB and St Jerome’s U at UWaterloo over the last couple of days:

It is important to follow this up as Diocese of Hamilton and SJU and WCDSB has HIGH influence over ICE and the ICE Sex ed curriculum


  • ICE moved its office from Toronto to Hamilton
  • Cathy Horgan was ICE Sex Ed coordinator (on Board of SJU)
  • Roger Lawler (ex Director of WCDSB) on ICE Board
  • Paul V Lacalamita   on ICE Board Retired School Principal   CPCO.. formerly of WCDSB
  • Michael W Pautler, Head of ICE,
  • Salt and Light though it has a studio in Toronto is closely affiliated with Diocese of Hamilton and their Oblate Bishop (formerly pastor at Ottawa’s St Joe’s parish!)


Now, let’s look at what Joan Grundy has been doing since she wrote a pro-LGBT book 2 weeks before retiring in 2015 at WCDSB. She reamined a secret lesbian pushing the gay agenda for over 20 yrs at WCDSB. “interesting LGBT views” over last 3 years

What has happened since she retired?? Well, she gives talks with Michael Pautler as part of the Diocese of Hamilton’s Partners in Catholic Education in 2017!! PICE consists of the Diocese, SJU and the various school boards in the area eg. Halton Catholic, Waterloo Catholic, Wellington, Hamilton)

The Diocesan Vicar for Education Con O’Mahony seems quite proud of Joan Grundy. And in his twitter feed he shows support for students opposed to the Sanctity of Life HCDSB motion!

She also gave a retreat to WCDSB Religion folks in 2017!


Do you trust what comes from ICE on sex for your children??



(Con in his twitter feed is a big fan of Father James Martin)







Richard Olsen is an WCDSB Superintendent



(BTW, OAPCE is a Liberal party front group. Brian Evoy of OAPCE was until June 2018 the constituency manager for a Kingston Liberal MPP!)


Joan Grundy Twitter account

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a small sample of Fr Con Twitter account.. support for Father James Martin, Rosica, Fagglioli, etc


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Fr Con as an NatCath NCR reader:

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