CHEO removing healthy breasts of teens . #ottnews #ocsb #catholic #tcdsb

Reminder: Our blog calls for no unjust discrimination of any student or teacher! LOVE (and TRUTH!)


Given that this surgeon in Toronto does mastectomies on healthy breasts of 14yo girls


and the OCSB Ottawa Catholic board promotes transitioning (against Church teaching and Doctors like Dr McHugh)



Did you know that CHEO is using our tax dollars for “top surgeries” ie. mastectomies of healthy breasts on teen girls?

“Would also like to see funding for CHEO. CHEO talked about access to social services-possibly from community, more primary care providers (possibly nurse practitioners, surgical access for youth. CHEO has a surgeon interested in top surgery, and an adult gynaecologist looking into bottom surgery processes  “
“CHEO ○ Doctors ○ Surgical referrals ○ Referrals for other transition related services ○ Counselling ○ Hormone blockers ○ Hormone starts and maintenance ○ Social worker ○ Someone is currently training to be able to perform top surgery in the future “
“Join us for a chance to talk with trans and gender diverse youth and adults and their parents about their experiences with various aspects of transition or identity. There will also be information available about resources around Ottawa for trans and gender diverse people. Topics will include:
– Top Surgery with Ottawa based surgeon Dr. Mario Jarmuske
– Top Surgery approval process as GRS Montreal clinic
– Top Surgery consultation process at CHEO
– Testosterone, Estrogen, and hormone blockers for youth, both at CHEO and other options “

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