Will #Catholic school boards use the new 2015 sex ed curriculum anyway? #ottnews #ocsb #tcdsb #onpoli #onted

We continue to believe that teachers will continue to teach gender fluidity as a good thing under EIE Education act sections (equity and inclusive education) even if sex ed is temporarily rolled back to the previous version.

however, are Catholic school boards planning on using the 2015 sex curriculum anyway? The following from an Ottawa Catholic OCSB teacher suggests so. what do the Bishops say?





This is what the Church teaches on false gender identity theory. Further below is what the Catholic 2015 sex ed teaches. They cant even say that gender fluidity belief is wrong and should NOT be believed by Catholics. Instead, they blather on about difference and respect. Catholics dont respect governmemt abortion policies and we shouldnt “respect” crazy gender fluidity ideology! Meanwhile OECTA pushes genderbread person during this section of sex ed


OECTA genderbread

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