60% of #OCSB trustees acclaimed. #ottnews #ottvote #onted




Over in the public board, all 12 zones have elections, many zones with 5 or 6 candidates!!

Why the huge difference? Some possibilities..

– Catholic parents care less

– so many non-Catholic parents send their kids OCSB and they cant run for OCSB (some schools are majority non Catholic, even nominally Catholic)

– OCSB refuse to broadcast their meetings, even on Periscope. It is run like a closed shop with OECTA-approved “liberal” trustees – the ones that go to St Joes parish.

– no published OCSB votes. They dont even report non-unanimous votes

– meetings are boring! Nothing contentious discussed – most meetings consist of approving staff recommendations and approving european student trips and listening to provincial education rules (province does 90% of real education decisions). 99% of OCSB votes are unanimous

– the OCSB board is radically anti-Catholic – at least 2 trustees march in Gay pride, Regan P is proabort. 1 faithful Catholic trustee will make zero difference

– OECTA has a tighter control of elections than ETFO and OSSTF.  only union approved candidates win.

– faithful Catholics are too busy with things like homeschooling

What do YOU think are reason why?






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