#OECTA attacks faithful #hcdsb #Catholic prolifers . @hcdsb #prolife #tcdsb @archtoronto #catholicteachers

Page 29


– why no mention of Julia Joseph’s explicit proabortion retweets?

– why no mention on Harvey’s pro contraception tweets?

– why is Wells for Africa involved in contraception? Is there no well charity that doesn’t fund abortion or contraception? Really?

– why no mention that Sharelife was created to help Catholics support charities that are consistent with prolife values

– why no mention of Archbishop Prendergast and others who support the sanctity of life motion?

– interesting threat at end of article re election

– direct funding is direct even if a small amount. The article seems to believe that indirect means small %.

– no mention of Development and Peace and the trouble they are in with many bishops (incl. Cardinal Collins) for doing the exact same things that many charities do that fail the proposed hcdsb prolife criteria list.

– calling prolife efforts sanctimonious is extremely insulting to those who wish to donate to the many many charities that do great work AND don’t directly fund immoral activities.


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