#OCSB celebrates founding of anti-Catholic GSA at Pius. #prolife #respectingdifferences

Why is OCSB celebrating the $70,000 scholarship for one of their students who set up a GSA?

They forgot to mention that her Dad is a United Church minister at Rideau Park United.

Does ANYONE think that the HUGS (“Humans Understanding Gender and Sexuality”) GSA teaches what the Catholic Church teaches about same sex sexual acts or so called gay marriage? Does anyone think that the GSA followed the “Respecting Differences” protocols from the Bishops? Is her “understanding” of gender and sexuality the same as the Catholic Church? NOPE!

I am sure Bronwyn is a lovely girl. But why does the OCSB celebrate an award for an anti-Catholic GSA founding?

What is the chance of a prolife Catholic Pius student getting an award from TD?? ZERO!!

We do wish Bronwyn well at university! We hope she meets a CCO missionary that shows her the fullness of the Catholic Church (including areas of sexuality and gender)




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