Kemptville Catholic school chaplaincy leader fired for being too Catholic!!





PDF of Bishops pastoral letter on chaplaincy leaders describes the position is ecclesial in nature. It is important to have chaplaincy leaders who are in communion with Church teachings!! We don’t need chaplaincy leaders to bow to pseudo-Catholic parents pushing abortion etc!!


Will Bishop O’Brien support this faithful Catholic servant? Will OECTA?

If not, let’s just shut the whole system down.

Like Flannery O’Connor says: “if the Eucharist is just a symbol, then to hell with it”

Let us pray for this good servant to get his job back or one huge package for wrongful dismissal and punitive damages.

Please share and sign petition!


Meanwhile, this Brockville chaplain Catherine Cavanagh in the same board is apparently a GOOD chaplain for CSBEO:

– pushes women’s priest ordination in opposition to the infallible Ordinatio Sacerdotalis Church teaching banning it

– writes an essay for a book where other authors push abortion and contraception

– one of 2 major speakers at CFOTAE conference. The other speaker supports abortion

– tells students that Israel started 1967 war!!




Cavanagh thesis:

Some Excerpts:
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops stated that, “‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are often cultural definitions for people and movements that have accepted homosexual acts and behaviours as morally good.” To define someone as different from how they see themselves risks denying their identity. The Bishops’ directives appeared to have the aim of keeping gays, lesbians and other people from sexual minorities hidden from view, if not entirely excluded.
Nevertheless, the fact that many of the Chaplains take some issue privately with one or more Catholic teachings or rulings from the school board led most to choose a pseudonym so that they could feel comfortable speaking freely on any topic.


Each participant drew on different writers or thinkers for inspiration. These included Parker Palmer, Joyce Rupp, Dorothy Day, Thomas Groome, Mitch Albom, Fr. Gregory Boyle, William Paul Young, Blessed Basil Moreau, Jean Vanier, and Ronald Rolheiser. Gordie mentioned one movie, ‘Pay it Forward’. Interestingly, not one of the participants mentioned Church documents as a source of inspiration.
These questions were not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to begin the process of reflection on difference within CDSBEO high schools. They provided the following information:  To the question of ‘How many students in your school would you guess are baptized Catholic?’ all participants answered either ‘About half’ or ‘Most’.  To the question of ‘ How many students in your school would you guess attend Catholic mass on Sunday (or Saturday evening) at least once a month?’ all respondents answered either ‘Few’ or at most ‘A quarter to a third’.
Catholic families are less likely to be connected to a Parish or attend church with regularity, and less likely to engage in catechesis compared to a few decades 163 ago. David indicated on his Chaplaincy Context Questionnaire that in his opinion as few as 10% of his student body attended Sunday mass even once a month. 
Challenges over the use of space, including use of the chapel and the place of the Blessed Sacrament  6) Challenges over catechetical teachings about homosexuality and the place of women in the Church 7) Tension between following one’s conscience and obeying Church and school directives
This suggests that the New Evangelization’s emphasis on Creed, Commandments, Lord’s Prayer and Sacraments should cede place to Francis’ emphasis on Catholic social teaching as a means of both transmitting and living the faith


One thought on “Kemptville Catholic school chaplaincy leader fired for being too Catholic!!”

  1. If not, let’s just shut the whole system down.

    I agree. The system is Catholic in name only. I recall a teaching colleague of mine who was turned down after applying to be a vice principal. He was told he was “too Catholic”. Those are the exact words. If you are going to succeed in the Ontario Catholic education scene you had better know on what side your OECTA bread is buttered. Clearly, this Kemptville gentleman (strictly speaking not a chaplain) overseeing chaplaincy activities went too far, that is, he wanted to maintain and foster authentic Catholicism. The Cavanagh playbook is, in one form or another, default in OECTA. No one, out side of a brave and rare teacher, will challenge her. She will continue, with impunity. The bishops, some of whom, are on the same page as Cavanagh, simply look the other way. All this is not new. I first encountered this dissentient garbage in 1966. Yes 1966, that is no mistake. Recall, that our venerable Roman Catechism was abrogated in 1966. Now, how do you abrogate a universal catechism without abrogating its contents? What message was being sent? The following year the Oath Against Modernism was suppressed. The faith destroying Modernist foxes were in control. Catholic school boards and the likes of Ms Cavanagh simply do not care that there is, that which must be definitively believed, Credenda, and that which must be definitively held, Tenenda. Who cares? Our bishops?
    Welcome to Catholic education. The bell is tolling.

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