Fixing sex ed is NOT enough! Teachers will sneak it under EIE and being “supportive” @archtoronto #onpoli


As a followup to these posts:


See how OECTA Catholic teachers union retweeted the following tweet from a public school teacher.? They have NO plan of stopping gender fluidity indoctrination etc. It will be under the guise of inclusivity and Bill 13 and will just be in non Sex Ed classes! Apparently the truth that the Catholic Church teaches against genderbread men is not “supportive” according to OECTA.

All this will be snuck in under EIE (equity and inclusive education)


Equity across ALL curriculum





Screenshot_2018-06-11-11-18-14 (1)Screenshot_2018-06-11-11-37-32





There will be continued teaching of support for girls taking testosterone and “binding” even if sex ed is fixed!










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