Former #OECTA Prez @jamesjjryan and “professional Catholics” at #OECTA union oppose making sex ed compatible with Church teaching. #onpoli @archtoronto #ocsb #tcsb #dpcdsb

As a followup to this:

The former prez of #OECTA refuses to say if he would support “gender as a spectrum” taken out of Catholic sex ed. Looks likely that deeep state OECTA and CARFLEO and ICE will oppose fixing the sex ed.




Screenshot_2018-06-09-11-46-20 Screenshot_2018-05-08-18-39-18


In response to Jimmy’s question about our obsession with sex (1. We are not far right, we just agree 100% with catechism. 2) James is the obsessive one, marching annually with naked men and drag queens in Gay Pride).

Does he think our Bleesed Mother obsessed about sexat Fatima?

“More Souls Go To HELL Because Of The Sins Of The Flesh Than For Any Other Reason.”: Our Lady Of Fatima’s Message To The World


Meanwhile, there are plans afoot for teachers to ignore changes to sex ed curriculum (gender as a spectrum) and teach it anyway!!





Your children are not safe in government schools! Dont be complacent!

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