Will ACBO Ontario #Catholic Bishops fix sex ed curriculum? @archtoronto

With Doug Ford now repealing the pedophile-inspired curricum on gender fluidity etc, will the Ontario Bishops be able to have a truly Catholic sex ed curriculum?

We know hat OECTA likes the Wynne/BenLevin sex ed. It allows them to talk about Genderbread Persons and contraception and homosexual acts as “normal” and not against Natural Law.

And ICE (Institute for Catholic Education) is controlled by liberal OECTA-types. deep state catholic heretics.

We know that Archbishop Prendergast has never spoken positively about the Wynne Sex ed.


Will the Bishops force ICE to use their new found freedom to come up with a truly Catholic sex ed program according to “Theology of the Body” and 

The Human Person, Love, and Sexuality (2016)  PDF and






I am not confident..






We must get rid of this:







3 thoughts on “Will ACBO Ontario #Catholic Bishops fix sex ed curriculum? @archtoronto”

  1. Salve
    The bishops will do nothing. When it comes to safeguarding the doctrine of faith and morals in Catholic schools they have been AWOL since the mid Sixties. The Gregory Baum school of “catholicism” is default in OECTA. That fake catholicism is here to stay. It saturates our classrooms, sanctuaries and pours forth from our pulpits. The doctrinal illiteracy among Catholic teachers is truly staggering. While Doug Ford might remove the more offending aspects of the Levin/Wynne sex ed sewer, a vast catechetical desert remains in Catholic education. To be concerned about clarity when teaching faith and morals will earn you the slur “dogmatist” from one of Pope Francis’ barking seal cheer leaders and believe me OECTA is loaded with these types. Pop catholicism is no longer a moral force in society and catholic schools, it follows, are increasingly meaningless. How long before the catholic school system in Ontario quietly implodes and becomes part of the main public secular system? I’ll give it twenty five years. The “E” in OECTA should stand for “Ex”. Oh, yes, the bishops will do nothing.


    1. When I say 25 years I am being optimistic. What I mean is a school system, on life support, that will be still called Catholic, but in essence is not. If Catholic schools actually tapped to the beat of authentic Catholicism we would have a small school system, a very small school system. The traditional priorities being, first and foremost, care for the soul, next care for the mind and yes care for the body would be clear to all, without equivocation. There would not be Catholic teachers doing something so morally repugnant and scandalous as marching in a Gay Pride parade. Catholic school boards would not be setting rooms aside as mini-mosques. Where would you get the teachers? Administrators? From OECTA? Yeah right. The separation of school and state is long overdue.


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