With 1 Green MPP and 1 NDP MPP who want to close “catholic” school system, what is future? #onpoli #onelxn #ottnews #toronto

June 8 update: 1 green MPP and NDP Joel harden both elected. Both support an end to catholic school system. We are sure there are otjer NDP MPPs who quietly think same. leader Horwath was Catholic educated but left the Faith and is now only “spiritual”.

Will the NDP or decimated liberals (or both) support no more funding?




Very prescient article from 34 years ago. All this has happened!! 90% of OECTA teachers do not practice true Catholicism (as defined by the Catechism).




As the financial burdens are eased, however, there is the danger some will think there is no need for further commitment or spirit of sacrifice. It must be there in other ways keeping before us all the urgency to develop faith by instruction and example the distinguishing characteristic of our Catholic schools. 

If this is lost our schools will become indistinguishable from any other fully tax-supported system even in moral and religious training. The financial sacrifices called for over the years now must be replaced by another, which for some may be more difficult. That is the sacrifice of teachers, parents and administrators who need to be more committed than ever to live their Catholic faith by open practice as well as inward spirit, by governing their lives by its moral principles, supporting the Church in its teaching and the local parish in its worship and efforts to make Christ present in the daily faith and love of its people. 

This new financial assistance can be a good thing only if the spirit of financial sacrifice needed to operate our schools in the past continues in a spirit of commitment to maintain the Christian spirit and goals in the future. 

Someone once said: “The Church is never so poor as when it is rich.” This must not happen to our Catholic schools or the whole country will be poorer.


People see this and now a majority want “catholic” school abolished:





OECTA Prez: “It’s a fallacy to speak about those types of savings … the funding follows the students. Wherever the students go that funding would need to go with them within the publicly funded education system,” she said. “There would be no savings.”

If there are no savings with less school boards and funding follows student, why is OECTA opposed to full or partial funding for other religions’ (this is supported by the Catholic Bishops) schools. According to oecta, number of boards does NOT matter to $$ spent.


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