#catholic school “chaplains” attack faithful Catholic teen. @archtoronto #tcdsb #onelxn #onpoli #ycdsb #ocsb

A great article by a faithful Catholic student who attends a public school.



One of my other friends said on Ash Wednesday, homeroom teachers were reminded on the P.A. system to say a prayer after ashes were distributed. She was the only person in her class to line up for ashes, but more disturbingly, according to my friend, the teacher smirked at the end and asked sarcastically if anybody wanted to say a prayer. (They didn’t.)

Judged by what friends tell me, teachers are sometimes as unenthusiastic or detached from the faith as the students. All the Catholic values that school boards try to instil depend upon these significant people. Not all teachers, of course, are passive about encouraging the faith, but some are. And that is too many.


(Gamboa, 17, is a Grade 12 student at Markville Public Secondary School in Markham, Ont.)


Her anecdotes are similar to hundreds our blog hears about (eg. a teacher comparing abortion to making an omelette!).

Related: https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/15/how-bad-is-it-for-active-catholic-teens-in-catholic-schools-very-bad-oecta-ocsb-catholicteachers-catholicedwk-archtoronto/

It also explains why Catholic school grad results are equal or worse from a Catholic morality perspective.



What do Catholic school “chaplains” (they are not really chaplains, they are chaplaincy leaders; only priests can be chaplains) do when they read this wonderful article?? They attack her!

They call her an “outsider” not a sister in Christ. They say the TRUTH harms “the truth”. Thank goodness the paper tweeted support for the rebuttal against CSCO.


For CSCO, it is not about trying to improve and teach orthodox Catholicism – it is about protecting their 90-$100K “professional Catholic” jobs and hiding from parents how non-Catholic their school system really is!














UPDATE: more attacks.. Now she is 2nd class Catholic because sje doesnt belong to a Catholic ( really pseudo Catholicp) community!!



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