Apparently, going to prom is a “human right” for muslims in catholic schools . #ocsb #dpcdsb #tcot #catholic

Ramadan: May 18 to June 14.

Exam Dates: June 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 2018


This fellow insists on Prom in the 4 days before final exams or crazy early in May with rain and cool temps!!


It’s upsetting because our school community and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board has always boasted about being diverse and accepting differences, but failed to do so here.

As a student I feel excluded. I feel as though my beliefs have been disregarded and unvalued. I don’t think they made the effort to understand the meaning behind Ramadan and respect it or our religion in general.” Said Neha Ahmed, a senior at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School.”


I cannot believe the sense of entitlement this student has! Of course, the school board and school has been sucking up to these students in order to keep enrollment up. And now it comes back to bite them.


This student does not want tolerance. He wants submission!


(On another note, it is incredible how the Grade 11 World Religions course is a total whitewash of Islam and their “prophet” Mohammed. Catholic students don’t even know that Jesus was the final true prophet!!

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