Selfish #OECTA guidance to members. #onpoli #ottnews


Pdf of oecta msg to members








Some points:

  • Still going on about mike harris from 2002!
  • Angry about wage freeze during mega financial crisis of 2008 when so many private sector were losing jobs
  • ZERO concern about deficits or $350B debt for our children
  • ZERO concern for issues like conscience rights for doctors
  • To OECTA, the carbon tax exists to bring in $2B is revenue to pay for bureaucrats and teachers
  • No concern about making Ontario better for investment so that more well-paying private sector jobs are available in manufacturing etc
  • No concern about energy poverty that people are living under with Hydro rates
  • Seem to think that pharmacare is “free” as opposed to “taxpayer funded”
  • Seem to be expecting big pay raises under NDP even if there is a recession in next 4 years.
  • Implies Ford is racist (offensive statements on minorities) when Ford actually has a huge multi-racial “Ford nation”
  • OECTA shows no concern for the HUGE healthcare crisis (wait times, doctors leaving province, aging demographics)
  • No concern of costs to province of a sanctuary province that NDP proposes for illegal immigrants.



If you want continued underfunding of healtcare, and NDP under the thumb of whiny teachers union leaders, then feel free to vote the NDP in and Rae Days will come when our debt explodes!!





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