#OCSB was an almost no-show at #marchforlife in 2018. #catholicedwk #s2bgn #ottnews #prolife #cathed

OCSB 2018 is down to about 25 kids out of 15000 attending March for Life (0.16%). They have always been very poor compared to Toronto area school boards (who drive 6hrs!), but this is a new low.

In 2013, eight of nine Catholic high schools in Ottawa, approximately 195 students attended the four-hour March For Life event.

Since then, they have been in steady decline. Their “2018 Catholic Education Week” included dancing to dirty lyrics but March for Life was not even a ripple



2018: Only 2-3 OCSB schools out of 15 high schools:




OCSB St Matthews in 2015:    Screenshot_2018-05-12-12-30-52


In 2018: Halton HCDSB (6hrs from Toronto) had 3x more students than OCSB!!:



No OCSB trustees or superintendents were present at the March. However OCSB does have at least one trustee who goes to the Pride parade. $175K/year and no time to go to a prolife mass? This is what is called “Professional Catholics”.

The leader of the pro-abortion masked illegal protest march is a graduate of St Paul’s High and former head of their GSA (Kate aka KJ Forman)

Proabort OECTA and the trustee support of proabort We Day etc seems to having its desired effect. PRO-ABORT STUDENTS!












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