The farce of a French “Catholic” school in #Stittsville . #onted #onpoli #catholicedWeek #ottnews

As a followup to this:



More on state of Ottawa schooling:


We know that on the English side, Church attendance is <5% of kids from OCSB going to Mass on a weekly basis.

Now, how many of these French “catholic” families go to Mass?? The nearest parish is 20kms away!

Their website doesn’t even look remotely Catholic:


st remi.JPG


But they can make deals with Football clubs to build domes so they can attract more students to their empire!


paul d.JPG






2 thoughts on “The farce of a French “Catholic” school in #Stittsville . #onted #onpoli #catholicedWeek #ottnews”

  1. I grew up attending French Catholic Schools throughout the 50’s & 60’s, when Priests & Nuns were VERY focused on providing us with their version of a “well-formed conscience”; but, it was done in a very ‘strict’ and ‘harsh’ manner. It seemed to me that everything that was ‘normal’ and ‘human’ was considered to be a “MORTAL SIN” (definitely in capital letters!). However, NOW, things have swung SO FAR from “The Truth” that our ‘Catholic’ children are being taught to “accept” and even, “embrace” concepts that are FAR AWAY FROM GOD and His Word. They are being taught to BE “worldly”; to accept that the new ‘overly-sexualized’ world is O.K. — its music with disgusting lyrics, its sexual dance moves, its immodest clothing styles, and its overtly CRUDE (and misleading) speech — are ALL worthy of emulation! To make matters WORSE , IF they don’t succumb to this ‘culture’; they are belittled, ostracized, bullied, and ridiculed by their peers — at a time in their lives, when ‘being accepted’ is of paramount ‘need’ and importance! Pray for our teenagers — indeed, for ALL of our ‘Catholic’ children — who are being exposed to such unmitigated EVIL!


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