Why Johnny Stopped Going to Church part 2. “Catholic Education Week” #ocsb #oecta #tcdsb @archtoronto #catholicteachers

As a followup to this:


We expect the following graph from Part 2 of Topping’s articles to be even worse for Canada (specifically Ontario). Cornwall diocese is already down to 9% active Catholic out of whole Catholic population (much worse than 22% on the USA graph). As well, 97% of Australian grads from “catholic” schools in Australia do not go to mass.


Good analyses! BE CATHOLIC!! 100%!




Word .doc of ACBO Education letter written by Bishop Bergie, Roger Lawler et al


It is the LAMEST letter ever. “All is fine!! Just a few minor things to fix and a new coat of paint”

Here is Bishop Crosby speaking of the Letter. Bishop Crosby has done ZERO to support the “Sanctity of Life” motion in HCDSB!!

Will the Bishops agree to renew their promise to make sure children receive an AUTHENTIC Catholic education (no genderbread ideology, no pro abortion charities, etc). Will ACBO get rid of Liberal Party proabort Roger Lawler? Will the Bishops do something about proabort catholic politicians proudly receiving Eucharist?

Will OECTA agree to stop pushing anti-Catholic ideas and be LOYAL to the Church’s teachings? Will CARFLEO Religion teachers teach the TRUE teachings of Catholicism and where other world religions are false?




Meanwhile it is “Catholic Education Week” in Ontario next week..

Let’s dance hip-hop on the Titanic as it sinks!! Yeahhh!!







Cardus results:


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