OCSTA sending students to proabort “WE Global Learning Centre”. @archtoronto #hcdsb #tcdsb #ocsb #oecta #catholicteachers

What better way to have a Catholic Youth Day than to go to the proabort We Global Learning Centre!! Maybe abortionist Dr Yoel Haller will be there!!








we learning centre.JPG


These Catholic education week resources are a TOTAL JOKE!!








Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,


My name is ____________________ and I am a principal / vice principal / teacher / student / parent / trustee at ____________________ (name of school).

As Father has already indicated and as you may have noticed by the poster at the entrance of the Church, we are at the beginning of Catholic Education Week 2018. This is a week specially set aside to celebrate our Catholic schools and why the triple connection of home, school and parish is an important and integral part of Catholic education. This triad emphasizes for our children, the reality of our wider Catholic community that collaborates on their faith formation and education.

This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is “Renewing the Promise.”

 The theme for CEW 2018 draws upon previous documents on Ontario Catholic education, namely, “This Moment of Promise” (1989), “Fulfilling the Promise” (1993) and “Our Catholic Schools” (2006-2007). These three documents, while several years apart from each other, all speak of the unique mission of Ontario Catholic education, the importance of its shared leadership by all those involved in Catholic education and the critical role of Catholic education in contemporary society.

Catholic Education Week 2018 combines the themes of reconciliation, solidarity, love, justice and ecology.

The CEW biblical quote is “For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him.” Acts 2:39

Our Catholic schools are, by definition, faith-based schools, firmly birthed in the gospel values of Jesus Christ. It was this conviction, that at the very beginning of publicly funded education in the province, that the Catholic population, under the leadership of the ____________________ (first name of Bishop / Archbishop / Cardinal of your Diocese) and some very dedicated Catholic trustees, doggedly sustained a fight for the right of Catholics to their own publicly funded Catholic schools. What we enjoy today, is due to a history of sacrifice and determination and the extraordinary works of Bishops, Sisters, Brothers, priests and lay men and women, to build and preserve Catholic education in the face of all forms of opposition, both political and legal.

The challenges to the existence of publicly funded Catholic education are alive today. In an increasing secular Ontario, there are those who see publicly funded Catholic education as anachronistic and discriminatory. But, Catholic education has contributed significantly to Ontario and to Canada in the contributions of all those wonderful graduates of our Catholic system.

This week we continue to celebrate a school system which celebrates and defines itself on faith and mercy and embraces the message of salvation for all peoples preached by Jesus. Thank you.


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