10 Top Questions for #OECTA for tomorrow’s retreat. @archtoronto #ocsta #tcdsb

While we applaud OECTA pulling away from Working Families because of their “reproductive rights” push, there are still many questions as to OECTA and their other abortion/contraception/genderideology/LGBTQSS pushes and partnerships.

(Perhaps the real reason they dont support Wr0orking Families is all the NDPers in OECTA? Or because it is a waste of $$ given polls?)


  1. Why do you push gender ideology (including genderbread persons) on teachers and students?
  2. Why do you fund pro-abort LEAF.ca? Why did you sign the FAFIA pro-abort letter?
  3. Why do you oppose the Halton Catholic Board no longer supporting donations to charities that support abortion, contraception and embryo killing?
  4. Why did your President speak at CCGSD/Jer’s Vision conference?
  5. Why does your constitution support “women priests”
  6. Why does your drug plan fund birth control pills?
  7. Why do you oppose CourageRC and EncourageRC for support of those with same-sex attractions?
  8. Why do you oppose more teaching of “Theology of the Body” to teachers and students? Why do you oppose taking an Oath of Fidelity to the Teachings of the Church?
  9. Why did you give a twitter award to a teacher at your AGM who was tweeting pro-abort tweets?
  10. Why no public opposition to the Canada Summer Jobs attestation


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