Former #OECTA Prez demands kind words for abortionists and supporters. @archtoronto @tcdsb #catholicteachers #ocsta88agm

Former OECTA President James JJ Ryan is unhappy about the lack of kind words for abortionist Dr Yoel Haller (former advisory board member of Free the Children), who is a good friend of Craig Kielburger. He also wants kids words for abortion supporter Craig.


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This is hardly surprising. He has supported OECTA funding of proabort and OECTA signing the FAFIA letter pushing abortion.


He also refused to support Blessed Oscar Romero’s letter condemning abortion, contraception and homosexual sex acts. He ranted on about right wing extemism.  What that had to do with Romero’s clear preaching on sexual matters is unknown!




Cardinal Collins has called James Ryan’s understanding of Catholicism to be mistaken and inadequate.




Ryan has also criticized the Cardinal’s work with CourageRC. He also is against CCCB/COLF on gender ideology and is big pusher of genderbread persons to kids.


Please pray for the children that James teaches. Please remove your children from OECTA-dominated schools!!


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