Will #OCSB terminate partnership with We Day? #ocsbdl #ottschools #ottnews #prolife @ottawacitizen

Now that OCSB has updated their partnerships policy (wrong for up to 5 years after they passed the motion adding “Catholic moral teaching” and “Catholic tradition”), will they follow their OWN POLICY and terminate their relationship with WE Day which has now written that they are prochoice and pro-contraception (big surprise LOL!) . It is clear that We Day does not follow Catholic moral teachings. 

Archbishop Prendergast supports what the HCDSB is doing in terminating partnerships. The Kenyan Bishops have asked for years for Ontario Catholic boards to stop partnering with WeDay/Free the Children!



OCSB Partnerships Policy PDF







“Archbishop Prendergast reportedly recommended the language about choosing partners who respect “Catholic and social moral teachings” in a meeting with the Director of Education.  Staff also reported that principals have already been informed of the importance of choosing partners that don’t contravene Catholic teaching.  “











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