We told you! Activist nature of GSAs in Ontario Catholic schools!

Read this new PhD thesis. “Gay-Straight Alliances and Student Activism in Ontario Public Secular and Catholic High Schools

This study provides an in-depth examination of the educative and activist function of GSAs in two public secular and two public Catholic Ontario secondary schools. Queer theory, as elaborated by Foucault ……, provides a foundation for critiquing the heteronormative underpinnings of schooling, and the trans-informed insights of Namaste…. offers a lens to scrutinize cisnormative infrastructure, pedagogy, and practice as they pertain to the role and educative function of GSAs in selected Ontario schools
But, in 2012, GSAs were NEVER called activist or educative!! They were ALWAYS called support groups.
It gets interesting after page 188 for Catholic schools
One GSA in “Blessed Sacrament” is fairly free to do activism against Catholic doctrine. The writer seems upset that they are not pushing trans enough and opposing “cissexism”. She gets angry when a lesbian presenter to a school assembly talk about being attracted to women but doesn’t say cisgender women explicitly. To her, it is vital to clarify that you are not attracted to women with penises.. lol
For the “Holy Names” GSA, the author is mad that they can’t do much activism outside their group in assemblies and classes.
Important to read her conclusions:
1) GSAs as student-driven democratizing spaces that enabled youth to explore and
circulate anti-hetero/cisnormative discourses
2) GSAs as a proxy for queer and trans-informed education in the absence of a systemic
commitment to addressing gender and sexual diversity
3) GSA efficacy impeded by a Catholic pastoral care ethic and its regulatory moral
Religious Freedom: A Guise for Religious Bigotry..
..Finally, researchers ought to examine GSA participation and club-specific activities and initiatives in publicly-funded Ontario secular and Catholic K-8 schools, due to their recent emergence in elementary education…
Read from page 188 onwards.. EYE-OPENING!!

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