@HCDSB fundraising motion is really about “prochoice” students rebelling.


As a followup to this:



We still have not been able to find an opponent to the HCDSB fundraising motion that is prolife. The following exchange shows the fundamental issue is “prochoice” students dont want to support prolife charities. I offered this girl a chance to guestimate how many of her classmates were “prochoice” and threw out the number 80%. She said it was only around 70%!! Hello Houston, we have a problem!!!

Do the trustee opponents to the motion want to give a victory to all these pro abortion kids? How many will grow even more confident in their stand and go on to have abortions in university? Use this chance to help more kids become prolife!!


If 70% are in support of abortion, contraception and embryonic stem cell research must be over 90%!!


This whole fight is not about consultations, education regulations etc at all!! Do not be distracted!




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