Ottawa Schooling Situation #ottnews #ocsb #ocsdb #onted #onpoli

Basically, every Board in Ottawa is fighting over a declining number of students in order to build their empires. Everyone is not “swimming in their lane” and is poaching students via huge advertising budgets, advertising signs, programmes etc


  • OCSB basically allows all non-Catholics who apply to their elementary schools full admittance. They have no idea how many of their students are not Catholic. One retired OCSB principal said his elementary school was >50% non-Catholic!
  • OCSB allows private basketball and football academies in 4 of its schools. Parents pay over $10K/yr to the academy (and OCSB gets $13000 from the government for enrolling the child). In return, they get special coaching and more use of gym facilities (“regular students” get less access to their own school facilities)
  • OCSB signs a secret 21 year deal with Footy 7s to semi privatize Immaculata field with NO consultation with neighbours
  • OCDSB runs “alternative schools” which are extremely “progressive” (code word for leftist)
  • French Catholic CECCE pushes “sustainable biligualism” (as opposed to French immersion) and is VERY open to English children enrolling.
  • CECCE doing deals with Football clubs to build a dome in Stittsville. This school is 20kms away from nearest parish!
  • French Public CEPEO runs Trille de Bois (based on the Anthroposophy Spiritual or Religious beliefs). Some parents at a meeting complained that many children arrive without being able to speak ONE word of French!)


Competition can be good between boards. But what about traditional Catholic and Jews and classical education etc etc? If we want competition, let’s just move to a voucher system or the Alberta system or the UK etc systems. Or allow “charter schools”.

But let’s not pretend that the 4 school systems (with 4 separate executive cadres and tons of bussing, etc) exists for French language and true Catholic rights.

Traditional Catholics are a thorn in the side of the OCSB (in fact, many of these families ask for and receive exemption from all high school religion classes from heretical teachers). Traditional religious families are treated by contempt by all 4 boards and the Wynne government.

There are NO different moral outcomes from Catholic schools vs public schools!

  • no difference with public schools of rate of divorce
  • do not volunteer any more than public school grads
  • more likely than public school grads to believe that science conflicts with religion
  • Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour


There are 4 boards trying to build larger empires. The more students, the higher the pay of the Director of Board education, superintendants etc . More students and more schools means more teachers can be hired from family friends etc. No care or consideration is given to neighbours of schools (eg. new field at Immaculata)

PDF of Board salary levels









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