The real fight about fundraising at @HCDSB . #prolife #catholic #hcdsb @archtoronto #oecta #catholicteachers #ocsb #tcdsb

The real fight in Halton HCDSB is not about procedures or Ministry guidelines or “Direct vs indirect support”

The fundamental issue is that all these “student leaders”, parents and OECTA do not believe the Church’s teachings on abortion, contraception, and ESCR.

The following tweets from students show where they stand on abortion. OECTA supports contraception in the health insurance plan and has signed the FAFIA proabort letter. OECTA also funds proabort

Student leader Ben Sabourin refuses to say where he stands on abortion etc.

Fellow student leader Julia Joseph (J J on twitter retweets proabort articles

Allied students tweet offensive material like the following and Ben etc say NOTHING!







and activist parents like this:



When will ALL the trustees stand up to these students???!! When will other boards implement the prolife fundraising policies that they already have on the books??!

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