Archbishop P supports #prolife @hcdsb policies! Will other boards follow? #ottnews @torontostar @nationalpost @cp24 @cbctoronto #toronto @globeandmail #catholic

Now that Archbishop Prendergast has come out in support of HCDSB’s prolife position, will other boards implement their prolife fundraising strategies? They are are already on the books!!


So we commend trustees of the Halton Catholic District School Board for acting amid a torrent of criticism to pass a motion to ensure school fund-raising always aligns with Catholic teaching on life and family. Charitable donations by Halton Catholic schools will no longer go to organizations that “directly or indirectly” support abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research.

Predictably, in a culture that has diminishing respect for the sanctity of life, the decision was assailed. A Toronto Star editorial panned it as “way off base.” Ontario’s education minister called for further community consulting on the matter. There was no whiff of respect, nor hint of tolerance, for the right of a Catholic institution to act according to its religious beliefs.

There was also dissent from parents and students who saw some of their favourite charities deemed ineligible. This anger was disappointing but not totally surprising. It showed how much work is required still, even in Catholic schools and parishes, to communicate the mission of Catholic education. 

Standing up for life has become one of the great challenges Christians face today. It can be painful. Hundreds of charities will lose government grants to fund summer student jobs after standing on principle and refusing to endorse Liberal abortion ideology. Millions of dollars are at stake. But when Catholic organizations affirm their faith this way, they exhibit the courage of Easter.

Meanwhile we have halton parents like the following.  And student leaders who refuse to say where they stand!!


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