Did #OCSB secretly change their partnership policy? Will they ban We Day? #ottnews @cbcottawa

Update: It looks like the Board never bothered to put the new policy up on their website. This looks like the 2004 policy with a 2013 date slapped on it!! How many other policies are wrong on their website?? Do they actually care about policies or ever refer to them??


All the press reports in 2013 say their policies includes references to “Roman Catholic tradition” and “moral teaching”



OCSB’s amended “Partnership, Sponsorship, and Donations” policy

The June 11 amended policy states: “Partnerships and sponsorships with individuals, parish and community groups, business, industry and government shall be forged to ensure respect for the distinctive nature of Catholic education and adherence to the Roman Catholic tradition.


The articles in all the newspapers use the quote “moral teaching”. That is now missing too!



“Archbishop Prendergast reportedly recommended the language about choosing partners who respect “Catholic and social moral teachings” in a meeting with the Director of Education.  Staff also reported that principals have already been informed of the importance of choosing partners that don’t contravene Catholic teaching.  “


But now it reads:

Something is strange at OCSB as their policy dated June 2013 now doesn’t mention Roman Catholic tradition:

Partnerships and sponsorships with individuals, parish and community groups, business, industry and government shall be consistent with the Board’s philosophy, Vision Statement and Catholic Social Teaching.  The principles of Catholic Social Teaching include reference to the dignity of the human person, human rights and responsibilities, common good, solidarity, the preferential option for the poor, and the value and dignity of human work.





Regardless, Free the Children/We Day now  say they cannot sign an HCDSB  document saying the don’t publicly support abortion etc. As well, ample proof has been shown that they do push “reproductive rights” etc. This is against the DIGNITY of the HUMAN PERSON and HUMAN right (ie. the right to life). Therefore, OCSB must dissociate itself from We Day according to its own policies!!



See para 3:








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