We Day admits they support abortion and contraception! #ottnews @torontostar @nationalpost @cp24 @cbctoronto #prolife @hcdsb #toronto #tcot @globeandmail

Read para 3 (“the above…”). While they say they don’t politically advocate for them, they now say that they cannot sign a statement saying they don’t publicly support abortion and contraception. This is hardly surprising given their support for UN SDG3 and their work with the Globe and Mail and Torstar on teaching materials supporting “repro rights”





And now they have the gall to ask students to rise up and still keep supporting their pro-abort charity! Do the Kielburgers have no shame!!

And 21000 parents and kids have not signed the petition. A majority are proaborts from the USA!!

And those parents who want to defeat the motion, they are like this:




Why don’t the media ask student leaders like Ben Sabourin where they stand on abortion, contraception and ESCR? He refused to be transparent and answer. Is he a fan of Planned Parenthood like the Kielburger brothers? Does he support OECTA when they signed the FAFIA probabort letter or made donations to proabort LEAF.ca??


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