Support #prolife in @HCDSB Halton catholic district school board.

Please support the great trustees who voted for “Sharelife-like” principles for fundraising. They do not children raising money for charities that push abortion etc…

Of course, pro-abort OECTA thinks otherwise. As does the Toronto Red Star!


As if there are not enough  good charities that Catholics with correct conscience raise money for. Heck, even Terry Fox Foundation has stopped paying for embryonic stem cell research and are a great charity for kids!





This fascist want the State to shape our children’s minds. NO!

“Apart from the ongoing inequity of letting a powerful religious group have unequal benefit of the law in one of our most important government services, shaping children’s minds, the time for a change is now more than ever.


And of course she misses the word EMBRYONIC. And is surprised why Catholic children can’t raise $$ for evil Planned Killinghood

Logically, that means no fundraising for Sick Kids hospital — no stem cell research — or for the United Way, which funds Planned Parenthood.”


The Halton OECTA teachers all wore pink p***y hats at the entire OECTA AGM this past weekend. No wonder they oppose prolife in their schools!!



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